Anonymous asked:
What is the name of your blog? I would like to see your videos and stuff :)

Hey! Did you mean YouTube? If so, I don’t have one set up! I wanna set one up though. Haha :)

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Anonymous asked:
What's your nationality?


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Anonymous asked:
What is your major?

I majored in Public Health.

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Hey I found you on the plause website and just followed you on bloglovin. I love your blog, keep it up! I also love fashion and want to go into the medical field.

Thanks so much! They’re most definitely on opposite sides of the spectrum, but who says you can’t do both, right? Do you go to Rutgers, too?

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yourallybi asked:
Just read all your posts and reread some. I love love your blog! Your outfits are simple, yet amazing! Can't wait for more! :) Also, are your photographers your friends? If some are not, how did you stumble upon them? :D PS: I hope you are having an awesome trip! Hopefully, I can visit Paris and Greece soon! :D

Aww thank you! I have to start up again, haha. Some of them were acquiantances and some were friends so I approached them, but my main ones are my sister and boyfriend :) & thanks so much!!! Lmk if you need help with anything <3

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Anonymous asked:
Can you do a everyday makeup/hair tutorial please? :)

Working on it! I actually filmed an everyday make-up tutorial a couple weeks back, but I didn’t like how it turned out haha so I’ll re-film it probably this week. Hopefully be able to have it up soon :)

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Swingin’ Into Spring

H&M knitted sweater/ H&M floral skinnies/ Vintage leather mini-backpack/ Zara ankle strappies in nude/ Aldo sunnies

Hey, everyone! It’s been awhile since I last posted and I honestly have no excuse for it. I just haven’t been making time for the things I like to do and I’d really like to get back at it. So here it is - my first spring post ;). 

I know I didn’t really do too many winter posts (and I’m sorry), but that’s because I just like to avoid anything that has to do with winter all together. Now that the weather’s warming up, I can finally bust out my open-toed sandals as I did on this day. If you couldn’t already tell from my Instagram posts (@loveyna_), I have quite the obsession with the ankle-strapped sandals, so they’ll definitely be making plenty of appearances in my coming posts! 

During spring, I try not to get carried away so much by the beautiful weather. Yes, it’s warm, but certainly not warm enough to wear shorts and dresses, especially at night when the temperature drops. Thus, I’ve been keeping it at skinnies, a chunky sweater, and sandals. That may sound like a weather-confused fit, but it works perfectly fine for this type of weather. If not a chunky sweater, then wear a regular top and layer it with a denim or leather jacket and you’d be good to go! Dressing for spring can be a bit tricky, but as with all seasons, get a good feel for the weather and dress accordingly. Don’t get too excited about the shorts and dresses - their time will come! 

Happy Spring, everyone! 



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doeboyx asked:
You have an awesome blog; I love your work! Curious.. what camera and lens set up do you usually use?

Hi! Thank you!!! I use a Canon Rebel T2i w/ a 85 mm f/1.8 lens 

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WEEKEND HAUL (Sephora + Lush + Aldo)


I went on a bit of a binge with skincare and hair products this past weekend. I feel like I’ve tired myself out with make-up products, so I’ve moved onto buying other beauty products. It’s a dangerous habit of mine to get into these categorical binges because once I start, I.can’t.stop… or at least it really takes a lot out of me to stop myself from buying more things I don’t really need. So since there’s not so much more you can explore with skin or hair products, hopefully this will be the last haul of its kind for a while… 

Sephora buys: 
1. Make-Up Forever Sens’ Eyes Cleanser - $10.00
2. Sephora Eyelash Curler - ON SALE for $9.00, originally at $17.00
3. Philosophy Made Simple Facial Cleanser - $10.00

Many of you don’t know, but I got pink eye last week and so I got rid of every eye tool I had that I couldn’t sanitize and this included my eyelash curler. It was about time I tossed mine out anyway! Also, I picked up a new eye make-up remover. My eyes are definitely sensitive, especially after my pink eye case, so I thought I’d switch it up from Neutrogena’s Eye Make-Up Remover to Make-Up Forever’s Sens’ Eye Cleanser. It’s also travel size, so I do plan to bring this around everywhere with me!

As for the cleanser, I got a sample of this a couple of weeks back and I ended up really liking it. Unlike all other cleansers, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling like it’s been stripped of all its essential oils. After use, my skin feels so clean and smooth and moisturized and overall healthy, so this was a definite buy for me this weekend.

Lush buys:
1. Roots - $19.95
2. Rehab Shampoo - $25.95
3. Celestial Facial Moisturizer - 24.95 

It’s about time I start using more organic products on my hair! Honestly, I’d probably never switch out of Lush when it comes to hair products. I’ve only used these products once and I can already see immediate results - my hair feels a lot healthier and stronger and I see less fall out. I’m very happy with these purchases and I’ll definitely be coming back for more. 

Aldo buys:
1. AGRAYSSA Sunglasses 
2. SCHULER Sunglasses 
(2 for $20) 

With the sunny weather we’ve been having lately, these sunglasses were definitely an impulse buy. Didn’t need them, but I don’t regret buying them! And I’m sure they’re the ones I’ll be wearing most often once the 50 degree weather starts rolling around. Can’t wait. 

'Til next time.



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love your blog :)

Thank you! :)

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